Thursday, April 24, 2014

Artbooking Made Easy: Nursery Rhymes

Do you have a new baby or young child in your life that you would like to create  amazing scrapbook layouts for?  Maybe you enjoy making cards!  Either way the Cricut Artbooking Collection would make a great addition to your crafting supplies.  Did you know you could get this Collection for FREE this month?  You can find all the details here.

Using the nursery–themed keys on the Cricut Artbooking cartridge will have you singing your favorite nursery rhymes, reliving your cherished childhood memories, and reminiscing about your baby’s first years. Watch the video to see these two keys in action.

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Do you want to know more about the Cricut Artbooking Collection?  Find out all about it here.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello friends!  I have a card to share with you today that I made using the Balloon Ride Paper Collection.  I had a lot of fun making this card because I love not only the paper collection but the Dreamer Stamp Set too!  

I used our new Chevron Embossing Folders for the border strip and then did a little sanding on the paper.  I like the added texture it gave to this card. 

This butterfly image was stamped with two different color - Saddle and Sorbet and then cut one out and layered.   I bent the corners of the wings on the top butterfly to give it a little depth.

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Here are some of the supplies I used:  

Balloon Ride Paper Packet (X7180B)

Dreamer Stamp Set (B1439)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stamping 101

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I enjoyed time with my family and the weather was perfect!  

I want to share some information I recently created for my customers and my team regarding stamp care.  I know that purchasing stamp sets can be quite an investment if you get as many as I do so you need to know how to take good care of your stamp collections so they will last a long time!!

When you first receive your stamp set it will look like this picture below.  This is a B-size stamp set from Close to my Heart.  The stamp sets come in different sizes which determines how many stamps are on each carrier sheet along with the size of the stamps.  I appreciate the different size varieties you can purchase! 

New Stamp Removal
Let’s go over a few basic tips for preparing your new stamps for making great images!  When removing a stamp from the carrier sheet for the first time, peel the stamp gently from the outer edge and work your way toward the middle.  Take care not to pull it quickly from the sheet, as this could cause the stamp to tear.  If you find that two stamps are connected together, simply take your Micro-Tip scissors and carefully snip them apart.

New Stamp Seasoning
Before stamping on your project with a brand new stamp, it is important to prepare or “season” your stamps.  To do so, select the appropriate My Acrylix block size for your image and attach the image to the block.  Rub the stamp on a light - colored ink pad and stamp on scratch paper several times, with images getting progressively lighter and lighter.  Repeat the process until you get a full, crisp image when you stamp.  Your stamp is now ready to be used, and you won’t need to do this again now that the stamp is properly seasoned. 

 Ink Coverage
Once you have properly seasoned your stamps, how do you get great ink coverage each time?  With our beautiful My Acrylix stamps, it’s easy to get great results!  First, tap the stamp on the ink pad once or twice, twist it a few times, and then finish with a few more taps.  Just remember, “Tap-tap, twist-twist, tap-tap” and you’ll be set!  Since the stamp and blocks are clear, you’ll be able to see if the ink is evenly distributed on the stamp’s surface.  For best results and even coverage, take the square foam sheet that comes in each My Acrylix stamp set envelope, and use it as a cushion under your project when stamping.  The foam sheet is especially helpful with larger stamps and those with a more solid image.  These tips, along with firm, even pressure, will ensure you get a clean, crisp image every time. 

My Acrylix Blocks
My acrylix blocks are the perfect companion for your stamps.  They’re designed to hold one or more images so that you can stamp confidently and get great placement every time.  Made of high quality acrylic that is easy to see through, they are very comfortable to hold and stamp with - not too thick or too thin, and they have curved edges on two sides for an easy grip.  Each block also has an etched line across the bottom to help line images up.  Etched in small characters on the side of each block are the block’s dimensions, which is very convenient when you’re coordinating stamps with the best size of blocks for your stamping projects.  My acrylix blocks comes in a variety sizes, so you can choose one that perfectly fits an individual image, or you can design your own configuration by placing multiple images on a larger block. 

Here is a great starter set with 3 blocks:  2" X 2", 3" X 3" and 2" X 3 1/2".  You can find the entire selection here.

We have a great storage container and a foam insert you can purchase separately to hold up to 12 My Acrylix blocks securely in place.  This is great to take when traveling or going to crops.

Small Organizer (Z4138)

My Acrylix Blocks Foam Insert (Z4141)

Cleaning You’re my Acrylix Stamps
Now that you are finished with your creative projects, what is the best way to clean your stamps and blocks?  Make sure to always clean your stamps, front and back, and your blocks right away using our My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner and Scrubber.  Never use any products to clean your stamps or blocks containing alcohol.   Spray the raised side of the Scrubber with Spritz Cleaner.  With the stamp still on the block, rub your stamp and blocks on the raised side to remove ink residue.  Once the stamps and blocks have been cleaned on the raised side, rub them on the other side to complete the cleaning process. 

Maintaining Your Stamps
Carefully cleaning and properly storing your stamps on their carrier sheets will help them maintain their “stickiness”.  However, over time you may find that oils, dirt, and dust have caused your well-loved stamps to lose their tack.  This is perfectly normal and shows just how much you use a particular design!  Now what do you do?  Try putting the stamps in a strainer (so you don’t loose any down the drain) and rinsing them with warm water.  Be sure to never use soap or detergent, as this may harm your stamps over time.  Let the stamps air-dry in the strainer and the “sticky” will return!  Once they dry, return them to their carrier sheet.

Take Extra Care
Over time, your well-loved stamps may need some extra care.  On the rare occasion this happens, simply rub the stamps with rubbing alcohol using the Microfiber Cloth, and then clean them with our Spritz Cleaner.  Allow the stamps to air-dry with the sticky side up and then place them back on the carrier sheet.  This cleaning method should be used very rarely. Be sure to never use rubbing alcohol on your blocks, as hairline cracks may develop. Your heavily used or deeply stained stamps may very rarely be cleaned with pure acetone. Make sure you gently wipe the front and back of the stamps with a small amount of acetone. Keep in mind that this should only be done once or possibly twice a year. Make sure you purchase 100% pure acetone, and never use finger nail polish remover.

 My Acrylix Stamp Scrubber (Z1782)

My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner (1778)

Storing Stamps in My Acrylix
“Where do I store all of these stamps,” you ask? Our My Acrylix Organizers or Large Organizers are a great, affordable way to keep your stamps organizes and safe from damage. They make it so easy to take your stamps with you to gatherings, crops, and workshops. You can store your stamps by theme, alphabetically by name, by item number, or anyway other system that best helps you find your stamp sets most efficiently. You can also store your double scrubber in the organizer!

My Acylix Organizer (Z1038)

Large Organizer (Z1834)

You are now able to properly care for, use, and store you’re my Acrylix stamps.  Now that you have a good understand of what you should do for your stamps, you can now focus on what your stamps can do for you!

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